Excelsior Bijoux Co.,Ltd sees its mission in fullfilling the human desire to adorn the body, give fine gifts, and give rise to emotions.
We are one of the most important trade and innovation partner of the sector’s major brands. Freedom, creativity, sharing and excellence are our central values. This idea creates an environment of beauty that is shaped around a unique style.

Due to our imperturable values, our business activities are traceable and transparent. Our customers expect us to ensure that the precious items we sell are unsullied and authentic. We therefore regard the efforts to remove conflict diamonds from the market as our responsibility.

  No Conflict Diamonds

The United Nations define conflict diamonds as “rough diamonds […] which are used by rebel movements to finance their military activities, including attempts to undermine or overthrow legitimate governments.” (Resolution 55/56; adopted by the 79th General Assembly on December 1, 2000). In the 1990s it became public knowledge that these illegally mined diamonds were a major source of finance for the civil wars that were being fought on the continent of Africa.

  System of Warranties

The System of Warranties (SOW) is a continuation of the Kimberley Process. It applies to cut diamonds and requires the dealers to issue a guarantee certificate that is handed on every time the diamond changes owners. With this certificate the dealers guarantee that the diamonds are conflict-free.

  Excelsior Bijoux’s Responsibility

All of our items make with diamond will have our shop card showing all buying item information.